Elizabeth's Blog

I began teaching music lessons in September of 2001, and I have grown so much as a musician and teacher since then. Sharing the joy of music with my students makes my day each and every day!

The "right" time for practicing is different for every student, so there is some trial and error involved in finding the magic formula!

  • Time of day:  Some students are morning people, some students are night owls, some students are most alert right after school. Find a time where the student is alert and awake for practice time. A student had a major improvement in their lessons after switching practicing to the morning. It was a "night and day" difference!
  • Attitude of the student:  It almost doesn't need to be mentioned, but the attitude of the student during practicing is a major factor in practicing success! A positive attitude will get so much more done and will reinforce good feelings towards their instrument and music in general. Rewards for practicing and successful lessons will help improve their attitude if things are getting negative.
  • Other activities in the home:  It is a rare student who can block out all distractions and focus on their task. Usually a quiet time is best for practicing - perhaps when dinner is being prepared or when jammies are on right before bed. I did have a student who liked the hustle and bustle of her family around her while practicing - it gave her extra energy!

So when finding a time to practice, take these factors into consideration so the student can have a fresh mind, positive feelings and focus for a successful practice session!