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I began teaching music lessons in September of 2001, and I have grown so much as a musician and teacher since then. Sharing the joy of music with my students makes my day each and every day!

For positive problem solving:

  • Keep a positive attitude!  In most problem-solving sessions humor is key to staying positive when things are not working.  If humor does not relieve the tension, appropriate ways to vent frustrations can be used to get the lesson can get back on a positive track.
  • Acknowledge and discuss that solutions take time to find.  It is more satisfying to solve the problem in one lesson, but more often it will take several lessons.  A few weeks of trying solutions is typical before finding what works best.
  • Try anything and everything as a solution.  A willingness to follow whatever direction the solution seems to be heading can lead to the best results.  Problem-solving sessions are an opportunity for the student and teacher to be "music scientists" and experiment with solutions!
  • Keep it collaborative!  Student feedback is essential to the problem-solving process.  They can express how the solution is working (or not working) for them and lead to new ideas.  Input from parents can also be the key to finding solutions if it seems like nothing is working.