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Grace B

This is the vocal solo "Can't Stop the Feeling" from the Trolls movie.

Artist Name - Can’t Stop the Feeling - Grace B.m4a

This is the Garage Band project "Tribal Turn of Events."  Grace used some built-in Garage Band instrument patterns and played in some bass guitar, guitar and keyboard parts to create a really fun mix of sounds.

Artist Name - Tribal Turn of Events - Grace B.m4a

Cal H

This is the piano solo "Dance of the Irish."

Artist Name - Dance of the Irish - Cal H.m4a

This is the family trio "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons with Cal on the piano, his sister Briley on vocals and dad Matt on guitar.

Artist Name - Radioactive - Briley Cal and Matt H.m4a

Harper M

I really like this piece since it reminds me of summer.

Artist Name - Harper - Flower Duet.m4a

Brander L

It was a lot of fun creating this piece.  It made me think of all the different possibilities I could put into the piece. It helped me learn what notes between the Right Hand and Left Hand go well together when composing.

Artist Name - Brander - Mountain Climb.m4a

Grant C

Grant is a ninth grader and has studied flute with me since last September.  He did a beautiful job on the piece.  Enjoy

Artist Name - Grant - Pavane.m4a

Brenya M

Brenya is a senior this year and has studied flute with me for the past seven years.  She has been an excellent student and a joy to work with.  Enjoy her piece.

Artist Name - Brenya Fantasie.m4a

Logan M

Logan really enjoys playing jazz music on his saxophone.  Enjoy

Artist Name - Logan Cheeky Cherry.m4a

Joey K

This the Garage Band project "Take 5" - a jazz tune made famous by the Dave Brubeck quartet.  Joey played in all the tracks.  

Artist Name - Take 5 - Joey K.m4a

This is the piano solo "Moondance" by Van Morrison - another jazzy tune.

Artist Name - Moondance - Joey K.m4a

Ethan A

This is the Garage Band project "Cantina Band."  It is a song from "Star Wars."  Ethan played in all the tracks on this song.

Artist Name - Cantina Band - Ethan A.m4a

This is the piano solo "Across the Stars."  Ethan picked a string sound to play on his keyboard for this piece.

Artist Name - Across the Stars - Ethan A.m4a

Penny T

This is the piano solo "Cruella DeVille."  It is from the movie "101 Dalmations."

Artist Name - Cruella DeVille - Penny T.m4a

This is the Garage Band project "Inspector Gadget."  Penny played in all the instruments.  She even included the sound effects and some vocal parts.

Artist Name - Inspector Gadget - Penny T.m4a

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