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Olive T

This is an improvisational piano composition called "Spy Crossing."  (Improvisational means that the song has several planned ideas, but the way Olive is putting those ideas together is a little different every time.)

Artist Name - Spy Crossing - Olive T.m4a

This is the piano solo "Sunshine and Clouds."  Olive made this artwork for the song.

Artist Name - Sunshine and Clouds - Olive T.m4a

Lila R

Mom and Dad said this piece has the same melody as a piece when they were a child. Lila likes the sound of the staccato notes.

Artist Name - LilaRec.mp3

Anneli O

Mom and I found this piece in a stack of old music. Mom played it for me and I really liked it so I decided to play for my recital piece this year.

Artist Name - Anneli - Downhill Racer.m4a

Alex S

This is a composition written in Symphony Pro.  It is called "Stainless Steel."

Artist Name - Stainless Steel - Alex S.m4a

This is the piano solo "He's a Pirate" from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Artist Name - He’s a Pirate - Alex S.m4a

Hadasa P

This is the Garage Band project "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen."

Artist Name - Let It Go - Hadasa P.m4a

This is the piano solo "Summertime Waltz."

Artist Name - Summertime Waltz - Hadasa P.m4a

Odin T

This is the piano solo "Raging Storm."

Artist Name - Raging Storm - Odin T.m4a

This is the Garage Band project "Higher."  Odin wrote all the instrument tracks in this piece himself.  He created the drum track using the sequencer, and he played in all the keyboard parts.

Artist Name - Higher - Odin T.m4a

Livia T

This is the piano solo "Whirlwind."  

Artist Name - Whirlwind - Livia T.m4a

This is Livia's piano composition "Walking on a Cliff."  Livia's vivid ideas for the story of each song she writes makes her pieces fun to play!  There is a sunrise, a bird, a person tumbling down a cliff and waterfall sounds in this piece.

Artist Name - Walking on a Cliff - Livia T.m4a

Megan L

This is Megan and her mom playing a duet "Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz."

Artist Name - Over the Rainbow - Megan L.m4a

This is the piano solo "Drifting Petals."

Artist Name - Drifting Petals - Megan L.m4a

Grace A

I am Grace and I am 9 years old. I like this piece because it makes me think about people playing outside on a windy day and having fun.

Artist Name - Grace Whirlwind.m4a

Lilly M

This is a Garage Band project "Time to be Awesome."  It is a song from My Little Pony.

Artist Name - Time to be Awesome - Lilly.m4a

This is the piano solo "Candy Corner."

Artist Name - Candy Corner - Lilly M.m4a

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