Recital 2020 Performances!!


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Ben M

​This is Ben's Garage Band project "Ben's Song."  He created some loops by playing in the different instruments and then mixed them down dj-style for this performance.

Artist Name - Ben’s Song - Ben M.m4a

​This is the piano solo "Dance of the Irish."

Artist Name - Dance of the Irish - Ben M.m4a

Gabrielle R

​This is the Garage Band project "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry.

Artist Name - Teenage Dream - Gabrielle R.m4a

​This is the piano solo "Firework" - another song by Katy Perry.

Artist Name - Firework - Gabrielle R.m4a

Charlie W

​This is the Garage Band project "Natural" by Imagine Dragons.  Charlie programmed in the drums and played in the other instruments.

Artist Name - Natural - Charlie W.m4a

​This is the piano solo "Bet My Life" - also by Imagine Dragons.

Artist Name - Bet My Life - Charlie W.m4a

Wayne M

​This is the piano solo "Beethoven's Ninth."  

Artist Name - Beethoven’s Ninth - Wayne M.m4a

This is the Garage Band project "The Orchestra."  Wayne used some built-in instrument patterns (the drums and strings) to start out the song and then he played in the bass and melody instruments to finish the song.​

Artist Name - The Orchestra - Wayne M.m4a

Ashlyn D

​This is the vocal/piano solo "Under the Sea" from the movie "The Little Mermaid."  Ashlyn is playing the piano and singing at the same time in this performance.

Artist Name - Under the Sea - Ashlyn D.m4a

​This is the Garage Band project "Dr. Mario."  Ashlyn played in all the instrument parts.

Artist Name - Dr Mario Title - Ashlyn D.m4a

Ky Duyen N

​The Ladyslipper Waltz was composed by Melody Bober - a Minnesota composer. This piece has been a favorite with our students.

Artist Name - Ky Duyen - Lady Slipper Waltz.m4a

Joe G

​​I like this song because it reminds me of Spain, dancers, and bullfights. When I was learning this it was tricky because of its many different rhythm patterns. I am glad that I learned it pushed me out of my comfort zone and was lots of fun.​

Artist Name - Joe G Flamenco Fire.m4a

Blake B

​This is the Garage Band project "You Belong With Me."  Blake played in all the instrument parts.

Artist Name - You Belong With Me - Blake.m4a

​This is the duet "Over the Rainbow."  Blake is playing the piano and her neighbor Brayden is on the bells.

Artist Name - Over the Rainbow - Brayden and Blake.m4a

Curtis L

​This is the trumpet solo "Bagatelle."

Artist Name - Bagatelle - Curtis L.m4a

Grace B

​This is the vocal solo "Can't Stop the Feeling" from the Trolls movie.

Artist Name - Can’t Stop the Feeling - Grace B.m4a

​This is the Garage Band project "Tribal Turn of Events."  Grace used some built-in Garage Band instrument patterns and played in some bass guitar, guitar and keyboard parts to create a really fun mix of sounds.

Artist Name - Tribal Turn of Events - Grace B.m4a