Hello! We are Ellie and Elizabeth, and between the two of us we teach piano, guitar and all the band instruments. Our studio location is the lower level of Ellie's home - a nice cozy setting for learning music! Elizabeth also has in-home lesson routes where she travels to the student's home to teach lessons, and Ellie is now offering online lessons via Zoom. We have been teaching in Chanhassen for 18 years.

We make it possible for busy students to continue to have music be a part of their lives through our flexible scheduling. We also keep students motivated with our unique teaching approach that allows us to grow with them as they explore different instruments, styles and creative outlets of music.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Activity Schedules
    We have lots of experience scheduling around sport, dance and other activities. We are happy to change lesson times during sports seasons and we will often schedule extra lesson time during the off season so students are able to take some weeks off during the season.
  • Convenient Studio Location
    The studio is located in the heart of Chanhassen - very close to Byerly's and the Library. Parents will often run errands while the students are in the lesson. Map
  • In-Home Lessons
    In-home lessons are the ultimate convenience. Elizabeth has specific routes in Carver and Victoria 2 days a week
  • Makeup Lessons
    We offer makeup lessons on certain Saturdays throughout the school year. We also try and find makeup times during the week where other students have cancelled.
  • Unique Teaching Approach

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Unique Teaching Approach

  • Unique Teaching Approach

  • Lesson Materials
    Lesson materials are selected based on the student's interest. Beginners will typically use method books for their particular instrument so they can learn the basics. Once the student knows the basics we work on whatever they are interested in - pop music, classical, jazz.
  • Composing/Arranging
    Creating your own music is just as important and rewarding as learning to read music. We have a composing project as part of our recitals that the students and parents really enjoy!
  • Transcribing/Ear Training
    Many students spend a lot of time listening to popular music. We use this to help train their ears so they can pick up on melodies and rhythms and be able to write them out into music. Plus it is fun to play something you like to listen to!
  • Music Theory
    Our approach to music theory is to make it an active, natural part of the lesson. We take time to analyze and look for patterns and chord structure in songs, and we use these tools to help create compositions and assist in transcribing music.
  • Flexible Scheduling

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