Recital 2020 Performances!!


Teaching Students the Joy of Music Since 2001

Carolyn W - "Dancing Elephants" (Garage Band composition)

Artist Name - Dancing Elephants - Carolyn W.m4a

Charlie W - "Electroman Adventures" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Electroman.m4a

Joey K - “Super Mario Bros.” (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Mario Bro’s .m4a

Joey K - “Rewrite The Stars (Greatest Showman)” (piano arrangement)

Artist Name - RewriteTheStars.m4a

Blake B - "Senorita (Shawn Mendez & Camila Cabello)" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Senorita - Blake B.m4a

Blake B - "Memories (Maroon 5)" (piano duet)

Artist Name - Memories - Blake B.m4a

Jon B - "Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons)" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Bleeding Out - Jon B.m4a

Jon B - "Amsterdam (Imagine Dragons)" (piano solo)

Artist Name - Amsterdam - Jon B.m4a

Annaliese N - "Swan Lake Theme" (piano solo)

Annaliese N - "Million Dreams (Greatest Showman)" (Garage Band project)

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