Teaching Students the Joy of Music Since 2001

Kayleigh N and Mom - "Do Re Mi (Sound of Music)" (piano duet)

Kayleigh N - "Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)" (Garage Band project)

Monaya M - "Married Life (Up)" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Married Life - Monaya M

Zach R - "Aloutte" (piano solo)

Lila R - "Nutcracker March" (piano solo)

Cami D - "Imperial March (Star Wars)" (piano solo)

Ashlyn D - "Vuelie (Frozen)" (piano solo)

Kylie W.E. - “Two Flutes” (flute duet)

Zander B. - “Cavatina” (clarinet solo)

Zaden B. - "Viking Dragonship" (piano solo)