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Aubrey O - "Beethoven's Ninth" (piano duet)

Artist Name - Beethoven’s Ninth - Aubrey O.m4a

Curtis L - "Untitled 1" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Untitled 1 - Curtis L.m4a

Nathan P - "Seize the Day (Newsies)" (piano solo)

Cami D - "Stream" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Stream - Cami D.m4a

Penny T - "Hakuna Matata (Lion King)" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Hakuna Matata - Penny T.m4a

Megan L and Mom - "Whistling" (piano duet)

Aubrey O - "Camptown Races" (piano solo)

Megan L - “Let’s Dance a Jig!” (piano solo)

Liam P - "Have it All (Jason Mraz)" (guitar solo)

Hadasa P - "Sparkling Brook" (piano solo)

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