Teaching Students the Joy of Music Since 2001

Penny T. - “Green Frog Hop” (piano solo)

Liam P and Mom - "Duet" (guitar and piano composition)

Adalyn M. - "Miss Me More (Kelsea Ballerini)" (piano solo)

Ashlee S -“Igor The Crab” (piano solo)

Lillian H - "Two Birds Flying" (piano duet composition)

Briley H - "Prince Ali (Aladdin)" (clarinet solo)

Artist Name - Prince Ali - Briley H.mp3

Cal H - "Coconut Shuffle" (piano solo)

Cal H - "Gold (Imagine Dragons)" (Cal on piano, Briley on vocals, Dad on guitar)

Joe J - "Kirby Gourmet Rush" (Garage Band project)

Joe J - "Midnight Dance" (piano solo)

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