Teaching Students the Joy of Music Since 2001

Hadasa P - "Imperial March (Star Wars)" (Garage Band project)

Whitney M - "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (piano solo)

Wayne M - "Squeaky Squawky Carousel" (piano solo)

Artist Name - Squeaky Squawky Carousel - Wayne M

Ava Y - "Snickerdoodle Turtle" (piano duet composition)

Ava Y - "Bingo" (piano solo)

Lillian H - "Believer (Imagine Dragons)" (piano solo)

Truman W - "Pteranadon" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Pteranadon - Truman W.m4a

Truman W - "Row Row Row Your Boat" (piano solo)

Artist Name - Row Row Row Your Boat - Truman W.m4a

Caleb M. - "Fire and Wind" (piano solo)

Olive T. - “Friend Like Me (Aladdin)” (piano solo)

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