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Brayden R

This is a Garage Band project called "Snake Charmer."

Artist Name - Snake Charmer - Brayden R.m4a

This is the duet "Over the Rainbow."  Brayden is playing the bells and his neighbor Blake is on the piano.

Artist Name - Over the Rainbow - Brayden and Blake.m4a

Carolyn W

This is a Garage Band composition called "Roaring Lion."  Carolyn started the song with the Garage Band drummer Leah and then played in all the other instrument parts.  She added some FX to finish the song.

Artist Name - Roaring Lion - Carolyn W.m4a

This is the piano solo of the Christina Perri song "Human.

Artist Name - Human - Carolyn W.m4a

Joe J

This Garage Band project is the song "Found My Place."  It is from the movie "Ninjago."

Artist Name - Found My Place - Joe.m4a

This is the piano solo "Nonsense Tango."  The words to this song are "I like to tango eating a mango, but my fandango got in the way.  Then in Havana I ate banana, doing the tango all of the day.  Come watch me tango all the day."

Artist Name - A Nonsense Tango - Joe J.m4a

Whitney M

This is a Garage Band project called "Sparkle It Up!"

Artist Name - Sparkle It Up! - Whitney M.m4a

This piano solo is called "Try Everything."  It is from the movie "Zootopia."

Artist Name - Try Everything - Whitney M.m4a

Drew S

This is a Garage Band composition called "Electronic Drums."

Artist Name - Electronic Drums - Drew S.m4a

This is the piano solo "Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

Artist Name - Believer - Drew S.m4a

Wyatt C

This is a Garage Band composition called "Venturesome Mode."

Artist Name - Venturesome Mode - Wyatt C.m4a

This piano solo is called "Millenium Bean Bag Zoo."

Artist Name - Millennium Bean Bag Zoo - Wyatt C.m4a

Kayleigh N

This is a Garage Band composition called "Rainbowt."

Artist Name - Rainbowt - Kayleigh N.m4a

This is "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen."  It is a piano duet with Kayleigh and her mom.

Artist Name - Let it Go - Kayleigh N.m4a

Elizabeth L

This song is called "Night Music."  I made on my old Apple laptop with a keyboard plugged into it to play in the keyboard parts.  There are also two built-in Apple drum loops that I used through the song.

Artist Name - NightMusic.mp3

This song is called "Prelude."  It is by Dimitri Shostakovitch - one of my favorite composers.  I love the bounciness and excitement of this piece.  This is the book it is from.

Artist Name - PreludeShostakovich.mp3

How to Learn to Play Complex Rhythms

One of my students several years ago had a recital piece that the rhythms between the left hand and right hand were really hard for him. As I had done with many of my students I told him to try what I called "lap-slap" the rhythms. So you take the rhythm of the left hand and the rhythm of the right hand and you slap them out on your thighs VERY SLOWY while saying something like:  right - left - together - left etc. Then you gradually work up to full speed.

So this year his recital piece has four different sections with very complex rhythms. So he tried the "lap-slap" technic and again it helped him a lot.

Here is an audio of Joe first demonstrating the four different rhythm sections and then playing the entire piece.

Artist Name - JoeFlemencoFireweb.m4a

Catching Butterflies (Garage Band Project)

​My students have begun creating a spring project in their music lessons so this is a short one that I created as a demo for them.  The students look forward to this project each year of creating something in music and Garage Band is a favorite app for them.

Artist Name - Catching Butterflies.m4a

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