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Wyatt C - "Believer (Imagine Dragons)" (piano solo)

  657 Hits

Laurel C - "Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)" (piano solo)

  657 Hits

Monaya M - "A Million Dreams (Greatest Showman)" (vocal and piano solo)

Artist Name - Monaya-M-A-Million-Dreams
  639 Hits

Curtis L - "Super Mario World Theme" (trumpet solo)

Artist Name - Super Mario World Theme - Curtis L.m4a
  693 Hits

Adalyn M - "You Need to Calm Down (Taylor Swift)" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - You Need to Calm Down - Adalyn M.m4a
  693 Hits

Grace B - "Misfit Medley" (vocal solo arranged by Grace)

Artist Name - Misfit Medley - Grace B.m4a
  692 Hits

Grace B - "Time Keeps Ticking Down" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Time Keeps Ticking Down - Grace B.m4a
  667 Hits

Ilse H - "The Adventurer's Tale" (ukulele duet composition)

Artist Name - The Adventurers Tale - Ilse H.mp3
  716 Hits

Ilse H - "Space - Part of Space" (Garage Band project)

Artist Name - Space - Part of Space - Ilse H.m4a
  665 Hits

Hadasa P - "Imperial March (Star Wars)" (Garage Band project)

  614 Hits