Virtual Recital 2020

This year we are doing a virtual recital! You can click on the 2020 picture to browse the latest student's recital posts, or you can use the drop-down menu to browse by the student's first name.
Recital 2020 Performances!!

Elizabeth's Students

In the Summer we are open for 12 weeks (the week of June 8th - the week of August 24th), and you pick 8 weeks for your lessons. That way you can schedule around camps, etc. If 8 half hour lessons does not fit your schedule, you can plan on 4 hour lessons, or any combination of lessons that adds up to 8 half hours. Makeup time is available on Friday mornings in the summer.

For the summer schedule this year, Elizabeth is offering two options for lessons. After she gets responses from families and figures out who will be doing each option, then summer scheduling can begin!

Summer is the time where our students really connect with music! After 9 months of us teachers telling them what to do, now the students get to tell us what they would like to do! Trying a new instrument, composing, Garage Band projects, recording projects, preparing a family recital and playing out of "fun" books are just some of the possibilities. Our students use their creativity and self-expression as they work on compositions and projects, and they make new discoveries about music through learning new instruments. These personalized summer activities help remind our students that music is a part of them, and not just a set of symbols, rules and information. This re-connection to their "music within" helps students develop a stronger connection to the music on the page, and gives them lots of new ways to enjoy music!! We have so much fun!!

We do not save times in our Fall schedule for students who do not take lessons in the Summer. As full-time private music teachers this is our livelihood and we have to keep our schedule full or we would not be able to financially survive. Thank you for your understanding and support!