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Alex S - Stainless Steel (Symphony Pro composition), He's a Pirate (piano solo)

Annaliese N - Radioactive (Garage Band project)

Anna F - Fight Song (Garage Band project), Million Reasons (piano solo)

Anna S - Prince Ali (Garage Band project)

Ashlee S - Same Old Love (Garage Band project), Sunshine and Clouds (piano solo)

Ashlyn D - Dr Mario (Garage Band project), Under the Sea (piano and voice solo)

Audrey D - Secret Agent 006 (piano solo)

Blake B - You Belong With Me (Garage Band project), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (piano duet with Brayden R on the bells)

Ben M - Ben's Song (Garage Band composition), Dance of the Irish (piano solo)

Brayden R - Snake Charmer (Garage Band project) and Somewhere Over the Rainbow (bells duet with Blake B on the piano)

Briley H - Wait So Long (fiddle solo), Radioactive (vocal trio with Cal H on piano and their dad on guitar)

Cal H - Dance of the Irish (piano solo), Radioactive (piano trio with Briley H on vocals and their dad on guitar)

Cam S - Demons (piano solo), Enter Sandman (drum solo)

Carolyn W - Roaring Lion (Garage Band composition), Human (piano solo)

Charlie W - Natural (Garage Band project), I Bet My Life (piano solo)

Curtis L - Bagatelle (trumpet solo)

Drew S - Electronic Drums (Garage Band composition), Believer (piano solo)

Ethan A - Cantina Band (Garage Band project), Across the Stars (piano solo)

Elizabeth L - Night Music (Garage Band composition), Prelude by Shostakovich (piano solo)

Gabrielle R - Teenage Dream (Garage Band project), Firework (piano solo)

Grace B - Tribal Turn of Events (Garage Band composition), Can't Stop the Feelin (vocal solo)

Hadasa P - Let It Go (Garage Band project), Summertime Waltz (piano solo)

Ilse H - Mystical Sunset at the Beach (ukulele composition), Radioactive (ukulele solo)

Joe J - Found My Place (Garage Band project), Nonsense Tango (piano solo)

Joey K - Take Five (Garage Band project), Moondance (piano solo)

Jon B - Seven Nation Army (drum duet with Elizabeth on piano)

Kayleigh N - Rainbowt (Garage Band composition), Let It Go (piano duet with mom)

Lilly M - Time to be Awesome (Garage Band project), Candy Corner (piano solo)

Livia T - Walking on a Cliff (piano composition), Whirlwind (piano solo)

Megan L - Drifting Petals (piano solo), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (piano duet with mom)

Nick B - Doom (Garage Band project)

Odin T - Higher (Garage Band composition), Raging Storm (piano solo)

Olive T - Spy Crossing (piano composition), Sunshine and Clouds (piano solo)

Penny T - Inspector Gadget (Garage Band project), Cruella DeVille (piano solo)

Whitney M - Sparkle It Up! (Garage Band composition), Try Everything (piano solo)

Wayne M - Beethoven's Ninth (piano solo)

Wyatt C - Venturesome Mode (Garage Band composition), Bean Bag Zoo (piano solo)