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Music Notation - Hand Written vs Notation App

I began my own music studies about 65 years ago and writing music by hand, and even sometimes hand drawing the staff lines, was common place as part of my lesson assignment. I thought it was so neat to write music, even if my assignment was to only draw treble clef signs, bass clef signs and notes of different value such as whole, half, quarter and eighth notes...​

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This Is Me

​I had such a fun time arranging this great song from "The Greatest Showman" that I just had to share it!  This is one of those rare times where I am not arranging for a student, but just for fun.

Artist Name - ThisIsMe.mp3


​This app is a guitar processing app that is just so amazing and fun!  It is for Apple devices only.  It works best on an iPod or iPhone that is attached to the guitar so that you can control the touch effects while you are playing!  There are even some settings you can use for effects that are triggered by movements of the guitar.  The website gives you an excellent overview of the app and what you need to use it with your guitar!

Black and White

If you were born back in the 40's, 50's and maybe even early 60's you only had Black and White TV. Of course we didn't mind because that was all we had ever seen. However, after several years of the joy of watching our favorite shows in color it was a real let down to see something in Black and White...​

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It Takes Time

​Many students have experienced unhelpful practicing, or as I like to call it "unpracticing."  For most students, the only change they need to make is to just slow down.  Slowing down can mean:

1.  Taking a break from playing to think about their practice goal

2.  Choosing a slower tempo so their mind can work on everything it needs to

3.  Calming their mind so they can focus on the practice task

So much practice frustration melts away when the student is aware of these ways of slowing down!  Realizing that things take whatever time they need to take is an important awareness not only for practicing, but for many other things in life.

OWCA Files (Garage Band Project)

​Here is a Garage Band project a student of mine did over the summer.  It is a fun and catchy song from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

Artist Name - O.W.C.A Files.m4a


Tonebridge is a collection of guitar effects used in specific songs and is available for iPad and Android devices.  With a Guitar Connect Pro (or other similar device) you can plug your guitar directly into your device and play with those effects.  Then you can look up the tab via Ultimate Guitar, and you can even have a YouTube video going in the corner and play with the artist.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Virtual Recital

​It is recital preparation time again at the studio and this year we are doing a "virtual rectial." Students will prepare their pieces and projects as usual. Then at their first few lessons of April we will have a recording session. Their videoed performance will be posted up somewhere (possibly YouTube or on our website) and their families and fellow students will be able to view their performances!

William Tell Overture

​Here is a wonderful recording of one of my guitar students playing her recital piece - William Tell Overture!

Artist Name -

U Better Sing!

U Better Sing! is a really neat sight-singing app trainer.  It is challenging enough for any singer to get something out of it, but accessible enough for younger students to enjoy.  I don't typically teach voice, but one of my students is really motivated by singing, so we have been doing some voice lessons for the past 6 months.  

This app is great.  It uses a fun cartoon environment to teach the basics of solfege singing.  The students earn and unlock new levels.  There is a microphone input so the app can tell if you are matching pitch.  There are also listening clips to make sure the student can hear what the notes will sounds like.

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