Week of Jan 25th Independent Lab Project

The students at Music Masters of Chanhassen spend 30 minutes in lesson with their teacher and then they have a 15 min Independent Lab Project.  We started having the lab projects over 20 years ago.  It gives the students a chance to work on a project that relates to what we were doing in the lesson.


The project this week has the students using an iPad and the Garage Band application.  They are in the first week of creating their own composition.  This week they will begin by laying down their drum track.  To help keep them focused on what they are doing so it is just a lot of "random" noise they have to choose from a preset rhythm pattern.  Next they choose the drum sounds that they want to use and then when they have their plan in place they record their 8 measure drum track.

Using Garage Band and creating their own composition is a great and fun way to teach music theory.

In the following weeks they will develop a couple more tracks and hopefully have their project completed by the end of February or middle of March.

Fantastic Dance by Shostakovich
Failure Is a Learning Tool

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