Right Way and Wrong Way to Practice

I began working with the trickier section first. I set my metronome to 70. I practiced four measures at a time with my right hand keeping a steady beat with the metronome. Then I practiced the left hand of the same four measures keeping a steady beat with the metronome. When I was able to play the right hand alone and the left hand alone without any mistakes, I began working with hands together and the metronome was set a little slower at about 50.

I continued working both the red sections and the green sections, with the metronome until I was able to play the whole piece, hands together, mistake free at 120 on the metronome.

Does it sound good teacher?

Teacher Reply: It sounds awesome Timmy and I am impressed with the way you worked at this piece. I am curious Timmy. How many minutes did it take you to finish learning this piece?

Timmy: Hum!! I spent about 10 minutes a day for five days.

Teacher: Well congratulations!! Let’s put two stickers on this piece because you have done such a fine job.

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