Summer Wrap Up

​I have really enjoyed the summer of teaching, camping, house renovations, and relaxing in my hammock! 

To find out what my students have been up to over the summer, continue reading:

​1.  Composing - Several students have created compositions.  Some of them created the songs on their instruments and we wrote it into the staff.  Some of them created their songs in Garage Band.

2.  Arranging - One of my students arranged music from Harry Potter and also the song "Jump" by Van Halen into Garage Band.  They sound wonderful!  Another student did an arrangement of "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars that is also pretty neat.

3.  Transcribing - Many students like to learn familiar songs and when they are ready for it I have them participate in the transcribing of the song with me.  This year students helped to find the notes for these songs - "Lost Boy" by Ruth B, "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid, "Star Wars Theme" by John Williams, "The Alphabet Song," and "Best Day of My Life" by All-American Rejects.

4.  Improvising- I found (or re-found) an app that creates chord progressions from "tried and true" combinations, and you can also create your own chord progressions.  It is called "Suggester" and I will be writing a blog about it soon.  I tried it out with a student the other day and it worked so well for her to improvise with!

5.  New Instruments - I had students who started lessons on trumpet, percussion, violin, saxophone, flute, guitar, piano and recorder.  It was so fun to see them progress through the summer!

Improvisational Compositions
Invenzione by Vittorio Rieti

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Our Favorite Composers/Books

  • Frederic Chopin
    Chopin is Elizabeth's favorite composer for the piano. In fact, he composed ONLY for the piano. It is no wonder many of her more advanced students enjoy playing his music also!
  • Melody Bober
    Melody Bober is such a popular composer with our students! We think it is because she is from Minnesota. So she knows what Minnesotans like in their music!
  • John Williams
    John Williams has been composing music for movies for such a long time! Many of the students enjoy playing the music from "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter," two of his most loved musical scores.
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