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Recital Time 2015!!!!!!

Well it has been a while since I posted anything!!! During March is my main recital push. I am organizing who is in what recital and making sure everyone is on track!

I also often get the "Winter Blues" in March - and this year is no exception...

March seems a weird time to have the "Winter Blues," but that is how it goes for me. Although this year there was that nice warm up during the week of the time change - that seemed to brighted my mood a little bit.

Students will also aften get the "Winter Blues." One year I had a student who I think had the "Winter Blues" for about 2 1/2 months! They eventually snapped out of it, but progress was pretty thin during that time. Hindsight being 20/20 I probably should have switched it up and done something different with lesson materials to help get them in a more positive mode. But that is part of teaching - learning from the past! That student is actually still taking lessons today and is one of my best students!!

That brings up something I should probably write a post about - seeing it through the rough patches, or slow progress times and some things teachers, parents and students can try to get them back on a postiive track.

But right now Ellie and I are meeting up for our weekly breakfast to chat about recital, teaching, etc. It is so nice to have another teacher around to hobbnob with and bounce ideas off of!

Navigating the Rough Patches - Teacher Support
Practicing vs. Playing

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