New Project Ideas

​About 3 years ago Ellie and I started to include a "Projects" portion in the recital.  This would include any creative thing done by the student - arranging a song, composing a song, improvising a song, making a Garage Band original composition, arrangement of a song, etc.  This year there are some new creative ideas from some of my percussion players I would like to share with you.

​1.  Using a looping app to create a song (possibly live in the performance).  There is an app called Loopy that I will be doing a post on later this week that lets you easily record and loop samples to create a song.  We are working on some new Latin rhythms that he will be combining together into a song.  He also will be using a keyboard sampler to play in the melody of the song (the keyboard sampler will change the pitch of the sound to higher and lower notes to make a melody).

2.  Creating a Garage Band background and playing the percussion part of the Imagine Dragons song "Thunder."  This song has a great strong percussion track to it, a nice simple bassline, and a very catchy melody line.  It will be really fun, and the student will be doing leg slaps, snaps and claps for the live percussion track.

Using the Metronome - Eye of the Tiger
Zoom Lesson Example

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