Music to Lift Your Spirits!

Music moves us in so many ways. It can brighten up your day, get you motivated, and help release your emotions. I prefer to combine a lot of my music listening with top-of-the-voice singing, and (if possible) a good old-fashined kitchen dance party with the family!

Helping students to realize that they can play music and create these sounds that they are hearing is just one of the fun things I get to do as a music teacher. Seeing the joy on the faces of students as they learn a favorite song is priceless!

In the next few weeks I will be working with the students to choose their recital piece. I have learned to pick up on some clues that the student really likes a piece:

  1. A huge smile on their face
  2. A little bit of dancing
The students can't help but show their enjoyment of the song - music is so amazing that way!

Then when recital time comes there is so much fun to be had with parents, brothers and sisters and grandmas and grandpas having fun listening to the students play. There is certainly lots of work to be had along the way on everyone's part - the student's and the teacher's and the parent's - learning, memorizing, organizing, encouraging. But it is all worth it to see the joy in that recital room!!

Dance party, anyone...?

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