Music Down!

​Well Ellie and I are starting to share some performance stories as we get our students ready for recital.  Here one of my own stories.  I am in 7th or 8th grade and already have been doing accompanying for church and school choirs.  My older brother asked me to accompany him for a vocal solo in state contest.  I said "sure!"  And here is what happened.

If any of you are unaware of exactly what happens in a state contest situation it is pretty formal.  The performer goes into a room with a judge who gives them a score on their performance and decides if they can continue on to the next level.  

The performer gives the judge a copy of their music and the accompanist should also have a "real" copy of the music.  Well I did not know this so I just used my normal practice copy of about 5 or 6 sheets of copied paper.  I had my page turning strategies all worked out and things should have gone smoothly.  Well, the piano I was performing on had a different style of music stand than my piano at home, so my system completely did not work and my pages started falling to the floor one by one.  I did my best to keep the performance going with what I could sort of remember about the song with one hand as I tried to rescue the pages from the floor to continue the song with the other hand and find my place.  My brother also did a good job continuing the performance and I am sure he sounded great.  I don't remember if he did well enough to continue on to the next level or not, but that performance definitely sticks in my mind as a very important learning experience for me as an accompanist!

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