La Villageoise - Rameau

Jean Philippe Rameau was a French composer who wrote music for harpsichord and voice.  This piece comes from his harpsichord works.  The style is termed "Baroque" and is characterized by the ornaments such as trills (the quick notes moving back and forth).  It is a fun song to play and would be a delight to play on a harpsichord as there is a different touch and feel that would complement the piece greatly.

Artist Name - DV-2018-01-04-105335.mp3
Using the Metronome - Eye of the Tiger
U Better Sing!

Our Favorite Composers/Books

  • Melody Bober
    Melody Bober is such a popular composer with our students! We think it is because she is from Minnesota. So she knows what Minnesotans like in their music!
  • John Williams
    John Williams has been composing music for movies for such a long time! Many of the students enjoy playing the music from "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter," two of his most loved musical scores.
  • Frederic Chopin
    Chopin is Elizabeth's favorite composer for the piano. In fact, he composed ONLY for the piano. It is no wonder many of her more advanced students enjoy playing his music also!
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