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Hooking Practice to a Specific Daily Event

So I have recently gotten back into the habit of practicing after spending several months updating our website. My practicing "trick" to make sure I have a daily practice time is something we suggest to our students all the time - hook your practice time to a specific daily event!

In my daily routine during the week I get up between 7am and 9am depending on if I have early morning lessons or not. On days I do not have morning lessons I do some tidying up and housework stuff until I get hungry and then I put some rice in the cooker for breakfast (usually around 9:30am or so). It takes about 30 minutes to cook - a nice practice session! Sometimes I hear the rice beep and I don't feel like stopping, so I keep going until I feel like I have completed my task.

It is making practicing so easy to do each day!! And because I know I will have my breakfast after practicing I don't feel uncomfortable if I start to get too hungry - I can keep focused on my practicing task.

If you are finding it difficult to have a practice routine for yourself or for your child, find a specific daily activity and hook practicing to it! It will do wonders!!

Choosing the "Right" Time for Practice
Back Into the New Year

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