Music is Teamwork

It is very encouraging to see many of my students go into the school band programs and talk about how they are helping out their classmates.  Doing things to help out the other students gives them a sense of participation, teamwork, and leadership.

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The Importance of Learning Different Styles of Music

If you look in Wikipedia for the different styles of music, there are hundreds upon hundreds. In preparing to write this blog I was searching for reasons to have my students study Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Popular and others.

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Failure Is a Learning Tool

I do not even know how many times I have heard students say "I can't do it" or "It's too hard."  A variation on this theme are the moans and groans that accompany those many little failures that come with learning a new concept or a new song.  It is a very important life skill for students to learn that these failures are the path to mastering a concept or achieving a goal, and to accept their mistakes as something important and positive.

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The Benefits of Private Lessons - Individualized Teaching

"There is a massive benefit from being musical that we don’t understand, but it’s individual." - Dr. Eric Rasmussen, chair of the Early Childhood Music Department at the Peabody Preparatory of The Johns Hopkins University

Ellie and I see these benefits every day in our students! The excitement of learning a new skill, the enjoyment of playing a song, the pride of performing a piece well in a recital, the creativity of composing a piece...the list could go on! It is recognizing the individual experience of each student that we emphasize in our teaching.

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Our Favorite Composers/Books

  • Melody Bober
    Melody Bober is such a popular composer with our students! We think it is because she is from Minnesota. So she knows what Minnesotans like in their music!
  • John Williams
    John Williams has been composing music for movies for such a long time! Many of the students enjoy playing the music from "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter," two of his most loved musical scores.
  • Frederic Chopin
    Chopin is Elizabeth's favorite composer for the piano. In fact, he composed ONLY for the piano. It is no wonder many of her more advanced students enjoy playing his music also!
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