Music Notation - Hand Written vs Notation App

I began my own music studies about 65 years ago and writing music by hand, and even sometimes hand drawing the staff lines, was common place as part of my lesson assignment. I thought it was so neat to write music, even if my assignment was to only draw treble clef signs, bass clef signs and notes of different value such as whole, half, quarter and eighth notes...​

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Alphabet Stairstep Chart

​Here is a neat chart I came up with a few months ago to help the younger beginners to see the alphabet's up and down as both a direction on the piano and a direction in the staff.  It has helped out so much!!

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Week of Jan 25th Independent Lab Project

The students at Music Masters of Chanhassen spend 30 minutes in lesson with their teacher and then they have a 15 min Independent Lab Project.  We started having the lab projects over 20 years ago.  It gives the students a chance to work on a project that relates to what we were doing in the lesson.

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Our Favorite Composers/Books

  • Melody Bober
    Melody Bober is such a popular composer with our students! We think it is because she is from Minnesota. So she knows what Minnesotans like in their music!
  • John Williams
    John Williams has been composing music for movies for such a long time! Many of the students enjoy playing the music from "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter," two of his most loved musical scores.
  • Frederic Chopin
    Chopin is Elizabeth's favorite composer for the piano. In fact, he composed ONLY for the piano. It is no wonder many of her more advanced students enjoy playing his music also!
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