Back Into the New Year

Well I finally feel like I am back in the swing of things by the 2nd week of the year! Lots of new songs to arrange for students for potential recital pieces, lots of new students to prepare for. The changes throughout the year sure keep a piano teacher on her toes!

I had so many more pieces to arrange for students this year than I ever have. I enjoy very much doing arranging of songs. It helps keep my listening skills up and makes me listen to all the parts of the song very carefully to choose what I will use for the arrangement. It is also fun to see the student getting excited about playing a favorite song. The only downside of arranging is that the more catchy songs such as "Shake it Off" tend to stay stuck in my head for quite a while after I had finished with them!

Adding new students to my schedule is always a fun challenge. Finding a time that will work with their schedule, figuring out their learning styles and strengths and weaknesses, and just overall getting to know them and their families is something I never tire of. ...Well, maybe sometimes the scheduling part!!

I am also making more time for myself to practice. During the intense months of updating the website I had fallen out of my practice habits, but now I am back into at and really enjoying it! I am working on a Beethoven Sonata.

Hooking Practice to a Specific Daily Event
Composing "Articulationally"

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