A Fun Time of Year for Holiday Music!

About 4-5 years ago we started doing our Holiday Mini-Recitals instead of a regular lesson on the last teaching week of the year. It has been such a wonderful way to wrap up the year, and a great way to catch up with parents, and sometimes even older siblings who are home visiting from college. Holiday music gives many of us happy warm memories of family, good food and kind gifts. Each year Holiday music is anticipated by the students (and the teachers!), and they have such fun picking out their favorite song (the most popular - Jingle Bells!). It helps us as teachers to have the students working towards a performance goal in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those 2-3 weeks are usually busy for students with all the Holiday hubbub, so staying focued on just one song is very helpful! Many times Holiday music will be the cure to a student's practicing blues, or a motivation for them to get better so they can play a certain piece for Mini-Recital. Well, another round of performers are soon to arrive, so I must sign off!
Back Into the New Year
Composing "Articulationally"

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